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Join the PHDwin V3 Beta Program and help shape the next generation of PHDwin

You are invited to participate in the PHDwin V3 Beta Program to get hands-on experience with the next generation of PHDwin or to simply peruse the step-by-step video tutorials, implementation guides, or program documentation. The beta program requires only as much or as little time as you can provide. 

We hope that beta testing is a fun and enjoyable experience, but we do ask for the following:

  • Your participation in short testing assignments and submission of feedback
  • Awareness that this is a beta product and may not be feature complete. You may experience occasional crashes, freezes, interface issues, and bugs.
  • Report issues and bugs to our beta team
  • Agree not to use the beta product for production results

Fill out the form on the right to submit your application for the beta program. We send invites in groups via email.

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Company Email
What is your experience level with PHDwin?
How many years have you used PHDwin?
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