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PHDwin V3 is now available as a Release Candidate

What is a release candidate?

In software development, a release candidate is the stage where the build of a beta software is free from significant bugs and is largely feature-complete. While PHDwin V3 isn’t quite ready for release yet, this important milestone in our development process.

What's New?

What should I look for in this release?

As we move closer and closer to a final release of PHDwin V3, you will see fewer bugs and much more polish to features and workflow throughout the program. In addition to general fixes and improvements, PHDwin 3.1.4 includes:

Editor for customizing hot key and ribbon key tip assignments

Ribbon key tips are sequential keyboard strokes used to navigate through and function within the ribbon while hot keys are used to navigate and function within the program. The Hot Key editor is where a user can go manage their user defined hot keys and can view default hot keys. A hot key is a key or a combination of keys providing quick access to a particular function within a program.

Database Manager

The Database Manager tool allows you to create database backups, manage backup history, and restore from database backups. 

Single user mode enforcement in database settings

Single User Mode places the database into a state that allows the database-level data change to occur without causing users to become out of sync. After the change is made, the Single User Mode state is exited and users can resume working as normal.

Commercial/non-commercial status labels for status bar, graphs, and reports

Reports, status bars, and graphs will now display labels for unresolved, non-economic, commercial, non-commercial (non-discounted cash flow), non-commercial (discounted cash flow), and non-commercial ROI.


Added unresolved group watermarks on graphs when compile is needed

Graphs for group cases will now display the unresolved group watermark when the group case or child group case(s) require compilation. 

Improved PHDWin Version 2 database roll-forward

Improvements have been made to the V2 project roll forward routine. V3.1.3 users will experience better results when re-rolling forward a V2 project file into V3.1.4. We recommend running the Pack procedure on the project in Version 2 before importing it into Version 3. 

Related case plotting

Graphing now includes related case plotting options that allow the user to see the parent case(s) for incremental cases on the same graph plot, reference lines for flow regime identification, and stacked plots for incremental summary cases. Access the Graph Settings options to enable and read the help file entries for instructions on creating stacked plots.

New loan report

The PHDwin V3 reporting engine makes reports more powerful than ever with ability to run multiple reports at the same time and change inputs and generate updated reports on the fly.

Blended group case ownership

Economic group cases such as Unit and Platform cases now feature a Blended Ownership option that calculates blended ownership on group cases based on weighted averages of case participation in future group profitability. For more information about the blended ownership calculations, view the Help File entry for GEL (Group Economic Limit) Unit Cases.  (Hint: Press F1 on your keyboard to access the help file.)

New import routines for Access databases

A new import routine has been added to import Access database files. This allows you to import Access-based projects including ARIES projects. ARIES imports have been made easier than ever with the pre-built ARIES mapping layout found in the import wizard.


Download Release Candidate 3.1.4

The PHDwin V3.1.4 release candidate build is now available for Beta Program participants in the Beta Resources center.

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